Finlock Gutter Lining Installation

Finlock Gutters were first established by a company called Royston just after the second World War. They were installed on ‘new build’ homes between 1950’s-1970’s. However, we’re now beginning to see the problems with Finlock guttering.

Luckily, our fitters are experienced with all manner of finlock lining problems and have the collective expertise to tackle them all, confidently and correctly.

Have peace of mind with our fully trained, highly skilled team of fitters.

Common finlock Gutter Lining problems include:

Finlock Gutters have started overflowing

Finlock Gutters have started leaking

Finlock Gutters get easily blocked

Damp, or even mould, patches will start to show just below the gutters

Cavity wall insulation is destroyed by damp

You can see visible leaks from your concrete gutters

Windows underneath the gutters start to bow

The Solutions for the Finlock Gutter lining 

Once you have accepted your quote from Finlock Liners, the rest is just as easy. We will arrange a mutually agreeable date (although you do not actually need to be there for us to do the work). We simply need to be able to get access equipment to any of the sides of concrete that we are doing work on.

Our fitters will arrive on the day and set up their access equipment efficiently and safely. In rare cases, scaffold may be needed, but we will let you know in advance if this is the case and always keep you updated.

Once the access equipment is up, our fitters will ascend it and clear out your concrete gutters. You would be surprised at just how much debris gets collected in them. They will, also, tiles permitting, look at the bottom course of your roof felt and tell you if that may need replacing. If your property has had a reroof since being built, then it is unlikely that your felt will be causing you any problems. Our fitters will remove any failed linings that have previously been put in your gutters.

Our fitters will then fully line the inside of your concrete gutters with fibreglass, making them waterproof. Its that simple…. as long as you know how to do it properly.

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