Set up

Our fitting teams will turn up at your property ready to go. They bring all the equipment they could need, including HSE approved staging equipment, so you won’t have scaffold up before or after unless access is particularly problematic.


Tiles Removed

Next, our installers will carefully remove your first course of tiles. This isn’t entirely essential and may not be done if the tiles are nailed down, however, removing them does make the next steps easier for our fitters.


Old linings cut away

A lot of our customers have had the finlock gutters lined previously with aluminium or bitumen, neither of which tend to last long term. Therefore one of the first steps is to remove these failed concrete gutter linings.


Cleaning out the gutters

Once any finlock gutter linings have been removed, or even if you haven’t had your gutters lined, there will be a fair amount of debris leftover in your gutters. Our fitting teams will ensure that your Finlock gutters are thoroughly cleaned out.


Gutters lined

Now that your gutters are nice and clean, they will be painted with our quick drying, waterproof, fibreglass. Our fitting teams don’t scrimp on this and ensure that your concrete gutters receive a proper coating of our fibreglass lining.


Join to neighbours

Most of the work that we do is on terraced or semi-detached houses, so we have perfected joining to neighbour’s gutters so that you don’t have to worry about falling out with anyone.

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We fit an EPS (eaves protection system) to your home, this is an essential step and one which most companies do not do! This EPS tray slides underneath your old felt and then angles down into the gutter, this ensures that no water can enter your home through holes or rips along the bottom of your roof felt.

finlock gutter lining

EPS Joined

We then join our EPS trays together to ensure that none of the individual trays are at risk from slipping or moving. This isn’t entirely necessary but it's an extra step that we like to take.

finlock gutter lining

Flashform Fitted

Our fitters then fit flashform over the top of the EPS trays. Again, this isn’t entirely necessary, but we would rather be too cautious than not cautious enough when it comes to making sure that your home is waterproof.

finlock gutter lining

Tiles Replaced

Your finlock gutters have now been lined so our fitting team will carefully put your roof tiles back in place. This will cover the Flashform and most of the EPS with the exception of the small portion that overlaps into your gutters.

Final 112

The Finished Product

Once the work is complete our fitters will tidy up and all rubbish will be removed from site leaving your home as clean as it was when we arrived.

Final 213

Installation complete

Now it is time to pay your bill and leave us a glowing review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finlock concrete gutters become porous over time, allowing leaks and other damages to your home. Once you start to see any Finlock gutter issues, it is in your best interest to have them lined to ensure they are waterproofed again.

The overall process is relatively quick and easy and should usually take no longer than one day.

If your gutters are leaking, contact us directly to arrange a free quote to fix your gutter issues.

Any concrete gutter issues, including dampness, can be fixed by lining your gutters. Contact us to discuss the issues you are facing and to arrange a free quote.