What are concrete gutters called?

Concrete Gutters are commonly called “Finlock” gutters.

Are concrete gutters bad?

When they were first installed, Finlock gutters were a great, low maintenance, system, however over decades of exposure to the Great British weather, they have become a failing system and nearly every homeowner who has these gutters experiences problems because of them.

What are the common problems caused by Finlock gutters?

Common problems caused by Finlock gutters are damp, or even mould patches, appearing on your walls; this can happen on internal or external walls, your house feeling colder due to the cavity wall insulation being compromised, visible leaks from your gutters, or windows starting to bow underneath the gutters.

Why does my house have Finlock gutters?

As mentioned previously, these gutters were low maintenance system which was invented by Royston and implemented on the houses being rebuilt just after World War II. This also addressed the shortage of steel and the surplus of concrete. As such, if your house has concrete gutters, it was probably built just after World War II.

What are my options with my concrete gutters?

When it comes to concrete gutters, you must do something, the worst thing you can do is nothing as this is when the problem will simply get worse. You can either have them lined or removed completely. The latter is both more time consuming and more costly which is why we suggest lining but ensure that it is done to the highest standard possible.

How do you line concrete gutters?

Our fitters line gutters day in and day out. For more information on the process, visit our step-by-step process page as this goes into extensive detail regarding what is involved.

How long does it take to line the gutters?

If all is well, then we should be able to do the front and back of a property within a day.

What if you have to stop work due to rain?

We do have to put our fitters’ health and safety first, however, they will ensure that your property is watertight before leaving site. We will then return to site as soon as is practicable.

How much does Finlock Lining cost?

If only we had a pound, or even a penny, for every time we were asked this! The truth is it can vary depending on quite a few different factors. If you’ve got time for a 5–10-minute chat with us though then we should be able to get all the information that we need and provide you with a free quote.

Do you cover my area?

Finlock liners are a nationwide company with numerous fitting teams so be rest assured that wherever you are, we’re nearby.

What if I have a problem after the lining is installed?

We sincerely hope you don’t experience any kind of problems, however, in the unlikely event that you do, we are simply a call or e-mail away.