finlock gutter lining

Finlock gutters were used on homes built between 1950-1970s as an economical substitute for steel. Finlock gutters are made from concrete and concrete, which is a porous material. For this reason, Finlock gutters have proven to be a failing system that requires constant maintenance and repair work across their lifetime.

The main issues with Finlock gutters stem from their porousness. Because of their lack of reliability with water, this can lead to several concrete gutter issues that end up requiring Finlock gutter repairs or Finlock gutter lining to fix them. Some of the issues are listed below.


Sagging gutters can result from poorly fitted gutters and gutters that have been exposed to prolonged water damage. This causes the gutters to sag in places, often leading to leaks and sometimes collapse.

Lining failure

Lining failure occurs from thermal changes that cause expansion and contraction of the gutters. This can cause cracks separating point of the gutter, allowing water to leak through. This is incredibly troublesome and will need to be repaired immediately. The concrete gutter lining is the best solution for this type of damage.

Cold/thermal bridging

This type of damage can affect your home’s energy consumption and how well it insulates, making it incredibly problematic in the winter months.

Damp and mould

Due to their porousness, Finlock gutters can not correctly drain away water. This leads to water pooling in the gutters, potentially causing issues with the fabric of the building. This can lead to dampness and mould forming in and around your home, which can be negative for the beauty of your home and your health.

What is Finlock gutter lining?

Finlock gutter lining is a treatment for concrete gutters. The process essentially works to make your gutters waterproof again. This is done by fitting a secured waterproof membrane. This membrane can be made from bitumen, aluminium, and rubber; however, we prefer to use fibre glass.

Will it improve my guttering?

Concrete gutter lining works to make your concrete gutters waterproof again. This will stop the above issues from returning and help them to work functionally again. The process not only repairs any porousness but can also extend the lifetime of your gutters.

Finlock gutter relining

If you have previously had your gutters lined previously, you can get them relined to perform adequately again.  Concrete gutter relining is not a difficult process and can be performed by one of our expert team members.

Concrete gutter lining cost

If you are considering Finlock gutter lining or relining to restore your problematic concrete gutters, contact us today for a free quote. Our prices encompass materials, labour and work costs, therefore the best way to get an accurate estimate of cost is to call us for a free quote today.

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