There are several issues with concrete gutters that homeowners face. To help solve these issues, you can line your gutters to make them waterproof again. This can be aluminium concrete gutter lining, or alternatively, you can use rubber or bitumen, but concrete gutter lining with aluminium is usually the best method. This is because rubber is prone to altering in different weather conditions and cannot last as long as aluminium concrete gutter lining.

Before investing in the aluminium concrete gutter lining, it is recommended to get all concrete gutter repairs you need to get your gutters back in working order. After this, you should install a new waterproof membrane to prevent them from coming back. This is called Finlock gutter lining or concrete gutter lining.

The process of Finlock gutter lining and sealing is simple but should be done by a professional.

To seal your gutters, you need no specialist tools, you just need to:

  • Remove all debris and mess from the gutter and allow it to dry.
  • Wire brush inside of the gutter to remove any existing flaky sealant or dirt.
  • Fill any gaps inside the gutter with fast setting cement.
  • Coat inside of the gutter with an acrylic roof concrete gutter sealant.
  • Line the gutter with aluminium membrane.
  • Apply a thick coat of sealant or two average coats to get the job done.

When considering Finlock gutter lining or relining it’s best to consult a specialist as the job may be too big for a novice and can be costly to rectify. If you’re considering a Finlock gutter aluminium or rubber lining job, contact a specialist today for a free quote.

There are a lot of issues with concrete gutters that can occur over time. The main issue with these gutters is that they are porous and fail when met with water. More detailed issues are detailed below.

Lining failure

Lining failure occurs due to the expansion and contraction of the lining because of changes in the temperature. The thermal changes can lead to weaker points of the structure separating. Because of this, the heavy concrete troughs are prone to cracking, creating access points where water can enter and cause further issues.

 Lining failure can be incredibly problematic and should be addressed immediately as it can be costly to rectify.

Cold/thermal bridging

Cold/thermal bridging is when cold materials meet warmer ones, resulting in the cooling down of the warmer material. This can be problematic in all weather conditions and can affect your energy consumption and how well your home insulates. When these problems arise, it can also cause the wallpaper to peel away at the tops of the wall.

Sagging/uneven gutters

Finlock gutters act as an effective door and window opening joist. However, if there is not adequate filling or strengthening when they are fixed, they can begin to sag. Sagging can also result from badly replaced windows, which can become increasingly difficult to open or close, as well as ruin the beauty of your home.

No pitch on the gutter

Modern guttering is tilted to allow rainwater to run freely down the downpipe and away from the house. Finlock gutters, however, were installed on the top level of the walls, meaning the rain has no easy escape and will end up sitting in the gutter and causing more damage over time. In some cases, rainwater will gather and can lead to the gutter collapsing.

Damp and mould

Because Finlock gutters aren’t very good at draining away water, the water remains in the gutter and can cause issues with the fabric of the building. This increases the risk of mould and dampness, which can not only affect the beauty of your home. But can also be problematic for you and your family’s health.

Damaged interior

Damp and mould can cause serious issues for the interior of your home. The damp and mould can grow substantially causing the wallpaper to come away from the walls. As well as this, water stains and dampness can appear on your walls. Redecorating will be the only solution, however, unless you get a complete concrete gutter replacement, the problems will only return.

Lining gutters

There are a few Finlock gutter lining systems that can help with the functionality of concrete gutters. The aluminium concrete gutter lining is one that uses aluminium to create a new waterproof lining membrane for the gutter system.

Aluminium Finlock gutter lining occurs by lining the gutter with one continuous length of aluminium to fit the profile of the gutter correctly. The aluminium will be powder coated on both sides to ensure it will not flake, chip, crack, flake, expand or constrict during changing weather and temperature conditions.

The method

  • Assess the current guttering
  • Remove existing debris
  • Take away any other gutter lining
  • Install the new concrete gutter lining

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