finlock gutter lining

The Lining Process:

Finlock gutters are also referred to as concrete gutters, and as the name suggests, they are gutters made from heavy concrete troughs. They were originally created as an economical solution to steel shortages due to the Second World War. As such, Finlock gutters can be found on homes that were built between 1950-1970s.

Finlock gutters are not particularly common but can still be found in thousands of homes across the UK. Finlock gutters were originally used as durable guttering solutions, but over their lifetime they begin to present several common issues, leading to consistent and expensive Finlock gutter repairs.

The issues with Finlock gutters stem from their porousness. Concrete is a porous material that cannot hold large volumes of water. This leads to lots of issues for homeowners, such as lining failure, structural issues, leaks, and in some cases, collapsed gutters. Other issues such as mould growth and dampness can occur from problematic gutters also.

Due to the issues with Finlock gutters, lots of homeowners resort to having repair work done, often amassing a large bill over the lifetime of the gutters. This can be particularly problematic and expensive because the issues will almost always return. Due to the porousness of the gutters, any repair work will only be a temporary fix, and ultimately a waste of time, unless the gutters are made waterproof.

Finlock Gutter Lining

Finlock gutter lining is the process of lining your Finlock gutters with a waterproofing agent. In some cases, it can be a waterproof membrane such as rubber, bitumen, or aluminium. But in our case, we use fibreglass paint to line and seal the gutters.

The fibreglass paint is applied the same as paint, secured with two coats and left to dry. This alone will not secure the gutters, as such, a flash band will be added to the felt, as well as ESP trays to ensure the functionality of your gutters.


If you are considering a Finlock gutter lining job, it is best to contact a Finlock gutter lining specialist to assess the amount of work required for an accurate quote. Costs largely depend on how much concrete there is, the size of the home, the quality of the felt, etc. As such, we recommend contacting us directly for an accurate quote. Contact us here.

Is it worth it?

Finlock gutter lining is a worthwhile process if your gutters are having recurring issues. The process takes less than a day and can extend your gutters lifetime for a further 3-5 years. Additionally, gutters can be lined again once this time is up. Finlock gutter lining is also considerably cheaper than a gutter replacement and can maintain the functionality of your gutters for up to 5 years.

If you require any further information regarding Finlock gutter lining and its benefits, or costs, contact us directly.

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