What Our Customers Say

    Mrs Jacobs

    Very good service from start to finish. Easy process and very nice fitters. Thank you Finlock Liners.

    Mr A Sailsbury

    We had a few quotes for our gutter lining. Finlock Liners were most definitely the most efficient. Glad we found this company.

    Mrs Cannon

    Friendly, professional service. They cleaned up after themselves too! Very happy with the outcome of the gutters.

    Mr Jones

    We had our gutters lined by Finlock Liners and they were amazing! From quote to installation, the whole process was so quick and easy. Would definitely recommend.

    About Finlock Liners

    Finlock Liners are an established company that specialise in fixing all issues with concrete gutters, in a professional way that is cost effective to you. Our fitters have been dealing with concrete gutters for more than thirty years and as a result, are familiar with fixing almost every problem under the sun.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Finlock Gutter Lining Systems?

    Finlock concrete gutter lining systems can be made from bitumen, aluminium, or rubber. These lining systems essentially line your gutters with a waterproof membrane. This waterproof membrane is specially fit to your guttering and makes it waterproof again, extending its life.

    How Much Does it Cost to Line Finlock Concrete Gutters?

    We base all our prices on how much work there is. Therefore, if you are considering concrete gutter lining costs, contact us today for a free quote.

    What are Finlock Gutters?

    Finlock gutters (also called concrete gutters) are gutters made from heavy concrete troughs. Finlock gutters were built on homes between 1950-1970s as an economical solution to steel shortages. These gutters were initially sturdy and robust solutions, but over time they begin to become porous, allowing in other damages. For this reason, Finlock gutters will need some repairs and further waterproof lining installation to make them waterproof and functional again to extend their life.

    How to Fix Damp Caused by Concrete Gutters

    Any concrete gutter issues, including dampness, can be fixed by lining your gutters. Contact us to discuss the issues you are facing and to arrange a free quote.

    Finlock gutter Lining Process

    Our fitters have years of experience in the industry and know exactly what to look for when they are carrying out this process. From taking the old lining out to installing the new gutter lining, our process is quick and hassle free.